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Humour Emeritus

Bishop Emeritus Nikol Cauchi contributes to our encyclopaedia on humour. We loved it and we reproduce it in whole since it will vanish from the ether soon and we do not want that do we? (our highlights)

Sense of humour

Bishop Emeritus Nikol Cauchi

I sometimes wonder whether primitive man had any literary tastes, though it is more likely he was too busy devouring some husk or other since his overriding concern was survival. There is some risk of modern man losing his liking for poetry and art too, due to his eagerness to gain maximum advantage from technological progress. But at least there are still a handful of people, young and old, who can spare some time and energy for reading. And they will be aware that several of their favourite authors show a vein of humour in their writings.

In the history of Western European literature, there are some authors and poets who made a name for themselves through their frequent use of humorous expressions. They do not shun parody, sarcasm and satire. Their aim is not solely to amuse their readers - and much less to vent anger or hate - but also to deliver a useful message to their readers which may help to reform or improve social living.

Take, for example, Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote, who ridiculed the ostentation of pomp and chivalry of his age, and Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam, who directed the following words at his erudite friend Sir Thomas More: "In response to the charge of sarcasm, I reply that this freedom has always been permitted to men of wit, that in their satire they make fun of common behaviour of men, with impunity, as long as their freedom does not go to an extreme". This was more than four centuries ago.

A sense of humour in some quarters may be as rare as common sense - two human characteristics that even in our country are a bit of a luxury - though surely if they were more abundant people would lead a happier life. A sense of humour is a reality which beats every definition and it bears a slight resemblance to mercy because it benefits both the giver and receiver. I have to admit that I enjoy meeting people with a jovial nature, and have often felt awkward during encounters with those who display a lack of it.

According to the common saying, everybody likes a joke. But there are countless exceptions to this sweeping remark. It is closer to the truth to say that some people are so devoid of a sense of humour that they can hardly understand a light-hearted remark, or, worse still, are offended by it.

Someone once said: "Laugh and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep alone". But, strangely enough, some individuals seem more content to cry than being provoked into a smile. A sense of humour is an ingredient of our western culture that seems to become more deep-rooted as the standard of education rises; but I entertain doubts as to whether this process is happening in other cultures. An innocent joke, a witty expression or some gentle leg-pulling which is gladly accepted by one group of people may be highly offensive to others.

It would be do an enormous amount of good if more and more people from various cultures would be able to appreciate a harmless joke, and display a sense of humour. In certain situations only dialogue can lead to better understanding and bilateral tolerance. The need for this is badly felt in every place that people meet and live - in the family, industrial relations, and even in international forums. Provided that there is goodwill on both sides, a sense of humour cannot fail to make discussions smoother and more fruitful. It could also, perhaps, improve inter-cultural relations, and avert clashes of civilisations.

There is a simple prayer on the wall at Chester Cathedral that has often been a source of inspiration for me: "Give me a sense of humour, Lord! Give me the grace to see a joke, to get some happiness in life, and pass it on, to other folk". Perhaps it can inspire a few others too.

[This article appeared in the Times of Malta online on the day of Local Council Elections 11.03.06 in the Talking Point column]

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"the beginning of time"

More Potty Business

After Anglu we have Zeppi. This time the one to get the joke is the accused. Read the article in full to get the fun of the joke at the end.

From Di-ve:

Zeppi il-Hafi Assaulted by Inmates

VALLETTA, Malta (di-ve news) -- March 08, 2006 -- 2030CET - Joseph Fenech, better known as Zeppi l-Hafi, told a court how five inmates assaulted him because he wanted to stop them dealing in drugs in prison. The five inmates, Silvio Buttigieg, 31, Jamal Muftah Sale Belhhrs, 32, Maurizio Massimiliano, 36, Eusebio Busuttil, 38, and Marco Pace, 36, are all accused of assaulting and injuring Fenech on the 11th of January 2006 around 1100CEST.

In front of Magistrate Antonio Mizzi, Fenech, 49, of Kappara, said that 13 out of the 15 prisoners in Division 5 were all taking drugs. When asked whether he intends to drop the charges brought against them, Fenech refused, saying that he wants all legal proceedings to continue against them. Fenech recalled that when he entered Division 5, he smelled smack and alleged that the room, which was supposed to be used as a gym, was in fact empty and everyone used it for drug-taking.

Fenech also complained about the excessively dirty showers, saying that these are so dirty that a prison warden was infected while cleaning them. Fenech then said that in an argument he had with the five inmates, he told them to go and clean up "and not just to take drugs". Eusebio Busuttil called him a "traitor" and Fenech told them that he will report them to the major about drug abuse. Il-hafi went on saying that the accused then started a conspiracy against him which finally led to an assault which left him lightly injured. The five were later sent to Division 6.

Fenech said that he wanted to stop drug abuse in prison. To this statement, the accused burst into laughter, saying that Fenech was lying. The hearing continues on the 6th of April.

Pot calling the Kettle Black

Labour MP Anglu Farrugia is an expert in violent criminal matters. So we do not understand why we get a giggling fit when we read the following article in the Times. Look out for a comment by Daphne Caruana Galizia on this matter. Definitely.

from today's Times:

Minister 'physically attacks' man, 76
Labour MP Anglu Farrugia yesterday demanded that the police investigate an incident in which, he said, Rural Affairs Minister George Pullicino physically attacked the president of the Progressive Farmers' Cooperative, Joe Farrugia.

Dr Farrugia said in an adjournment speech in Parliament that the incident happened outside the facility where the crates of the Ta' Qali vegetable market are washed.

He said the minister had been shouting at the workers and when Mr Farrugia, 76, asked him to stop, the minister shouted that that was not the way to speak to a minister. He then grabbed Mr Farrugia from the back and neck, shook him "and could have killed him."

The incident happened in the presence of four people, and Dr Farrugia said he was therefore insisting that Police Commissioner John Rizzo should immediately investigate and arraign Mr Pullicino to face criminal charges.

It was shameful that the minister had acted in this way simply because an elderly man had told him that if he was going to continue to shout, he was stupid (cuc). Ministerial arrogance had exceeded all limits, Dr Farrugia said.

Sexist Humour

Happy Women's Day !

60's Cigarette Ad

*credits: g. roberts

the laughing lute #2 : Innuendos

"Like a scrotum here it is in a nutshell". Ever since I heard the Bloodhound Gang's "discovery channel" song I have liked the band. For their spunk, for their careless lyrics which are for what matters excellent examples of hundreds of innuendos thrown into rhyming couplets and shot out at the speed of a kalashnikov's bullets leaving the barrel. They are incredible. their command of double-entendres is sans pareil and it takes about a hundred hearings of each of their songs to make sure that you have not missed out any of thier jokes. One for the Fuhrer, One for the Pope, The Inevitable Return of the Great White Dope. Offensive lyrics? Of course. Funny... definitely.... and can be also stomach churning. Musical purists will turn their stiff noses at this kind of band. I find this posturing unacceptable - they are obviously not Beethoven or the Killers but what the heck... they make me spend a good hour or so with every cd they produce.

So keep them rolling, And if you do not like it then:



Vulcanize the whoopee stick
In the ham wallet

Cattle prod the oyster ditch
With the lap rocket

Batter dip the cranny ax
In the gut locker

Retrofit the pudding hatch
Ooh la la
With the boink swatter

If i get you in the loop when I make a point to be straight with you then
In lieu of the innuendo in the end know my intent though
I brazillian wax poetic so pathetically
I don't wanna beat around the bush

Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

Marinate the nether rod
In the squish mitten

Power drill the yippee bog
With the dude piston

Pressure wash the quiver bone
In the bitch wrinkle

Cannonball the fiddle cove
Ooh la la
With the pork steeple

If i get you in the loop when I make a point to be straight with you then
In lieu of the innuendo in the end know my intent though
I brazillian wax poetic so pathetically
I don't wanna beat around the bush

Foxtrot Unifrom Charlie Kilo
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

Put the you know what in the you know where
Put the you know what in the you know where
Put the you know what in the you know where
Put the you know what in the you know where pronto

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